Amrapali Dubey showed a luxurious view of her vanity van

Bhojpuri actress Amrapali Dubey has shared a funny video on her social media handle, which is now going viral very fast. In the video, Amrapali Dubey is seen sitting in her vanity van. The actress has the script of her new project in her hand, showing which she says, ‘Something banging is coming’. This video of Amrapali has confused the fans a lot. This is also because on Friday, September 2, Amrapali’s new film ‘Doli Sajha Ke Rakhna’ has been released. Fans are confused seeing the script, but they are also getting upset seeing his withered face. Fans have expressed concern about the health of the actress. Suggested comments of people are coming on this video of Amrapali.

One fan said, ‘Do films but take care of yourself too’. At the same time, another fan wrote, ‘Not only work, pay attention to yourself too ma’am.’ When Amrapali Dubey showed a glimpse of her vanity van for the first time on Saturday, the eyes of the fans were stunned to see its beauty. Her favorite line is written in the van of the actress – ‘Whatever you want, it is good. If you don’t get it, even better. Apart from this, everything in Amrapali’s van is of her favorite white color. Apart from this, flower prints are adding to the entry decoration. More than 52 thousand people have seen this video uploaded just a few hours ago. Commenting on the video of the actress, many people have told it to collide with Shilpa Shetty’s van. At the same time, some fans are also demanding to show the whole van.

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