Hair fall can be stopped with only 3 things at home

Continuous hair fall can be a problem for anyone. In such a situation, it is necessary that some effective remedies are adopted in time. Hair fall is such a problem that once it falls behind, it does not leave soon. In such a situation, it is good to use the necessary and effective methods in time. It is said that minimum chemicals should be used on the hair because many times it is also seen that using chemical-laden products causes hair fall or hair damage. Here are some such home remedies for you which prevent hair fall and also help in making them thick and long. Applying gooseberry and lemon to the hair strengthens the hair and reduces their fall. To use these two together, take a spoonful of amla powder. Let us tell you that the powder is prepared by drying and grinding Amla.

After this, prepare a paste by adding a few drops of lemon juice. Keep this paste in the hair for about 30 to 40 minutes and wash the head. It acts like a cleanser for the hair. Along with removing dirt, itching, bacteria and buildup from the hair, aloe vera is also helpful in giving shine to the hair and preventing breakage. You do not have to make any effort to apply it on the hair. Remove the pulp from the fresh aloe vera leaf or massage the hair with light hands by taking aloe vera gel on the palm. If the aloe vera is fresh, it will be better. Wash off after keeping it in the hair for about an hour. It can be applied 2 to 3 times a week to prevent hair breakage.

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