Kohli made a record on Twitter too

50 million followers, the fourth most followed player in the world. Virat Kohli has 50 million followers on Twitter. He is the most followed cricketer. No cricketer has so many followers. Kohli has already left behind Sachin Tendulkar in this matter. Sachin is followed by 37 million (37.8 million) users on this platform. Kohli is the fourth most followed player in the world on Twitter. Cristiano Ronaldo is at the first place in this list. He is followed by 100 million (103.4 million) users. After him comes the number of Neymar (5.79 crores). Basketball player LeBron James (5.22 crore) is at number three. 310 million followers on insta, twitter, facebook Virat now has a total of 31 crore followers on social media platforms.

These include 211 million users of Instagram and 49 million users of Facebook. In June, there were 21 crore followers on Instagram, former Indian captain Kohli had 21 crore followers on Instagram in June this year. He is also the most followed cricketer on Insta. Now he has 211 million followers. Kohli is at number three on this platform. More than him, Portugal’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has 451 million (451 million) followers and Argentina’s star Lionel Messi has 334 million (334 million) followers.

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