NHS claims you can reduce weight up to 6 kg in 12 weeks, these 10 rules have to be followed – Weight Lose Tips

In today’s lifestyle of Bhagambhag, man is getting short of time. Because of this, he is unable to take time for himself, he is unable to take care of his health. Due to the disorderly eating and drinking routine, he is unable to pay attention to the increasing weight. It is important for a person to be healthy but it is more important to keep the weight under control. Breakfast is very important in the morning. According to experts, do breakfast in the morning. Having a healthy breakfast provides you with the necessary nutrients that can help control hunger. If you do not have breakfast then you will not get these nutrients and you will feel hungry throughout the day. Doctors say that if you eat regularly during the day, calories are burnt faster and appetite is also less. The reason for this is that when you are hungry for a long time, the appetite increases and you tend to overeat.

This increases the chances of gaining weight. Instead of overeating at once, eat at regular intervals. Include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Fruits and vegetables are low in calories, fat and carbs, so they should be consumed adequately. The National Health Service says that to lose weight, one should consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Apart from eating, your activity is also important. That is, to lose weight, you need to remain active. If you sweat after going to the gym for hours, then you lose weight, but as soon as you leave the gym, your weight starts increasing again. That’s why you keep yourself active. For this, walk a lot, use the stairs instead of the lift. Do physical work.

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